A Project Focused On Building Digital Infrastructure In The Crypto Space.

FidoMeta is the World's First Crypto Project that aims to provide banking services in the Metaverse.

FidoMeta products and projects are designed and developed to serve the real-world community through the advancement of technology and digital presence.

About our community

The Fido Metaverse community is a pioneer in banking services and digital infrastructure in the crypto space where all traditional businesses can onboard and expand their business into new territories and client bases.

The major goal of the project is to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and their digital spaces. The project focuses on leveraging the resources so businesses can reach a broader community in terms of sales, clientele, and new territories.

To achieve this goal, we are in the process of building financial solid infrastructure support right from banking services, payment gateways, book maintenance, virtual hiring, training, and many more.

Our first mission of the project would be to build virtual banking services. Digital banking services are available to all businesses that join the Fido Metaverse Ecosystem.


Staking Plans

Fido Metaverse lets you generate high passive income with its on-demand Staking Program. Fido Metaverse is a project that is built on a strong ecosystem and serves as a long-time income source for investors.

The Major highlight of our staking program is that your returns are stable and they are not floating values. The returns remain the same since our staking program is connected with Fido Metaverse. Becoming a Fido Metaverse Citizen is your direct ticket to join our staking program.

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